How to write essays better

The first process in submitting a thesis after the approval of the title is to write a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a compact representation of the research idea and the research process under taken. The readers on reading the thesis statement can get a fair idea about the research paper. The thesis statement will illustrate the importance of the research work and present the arguments in a concise manner to the readers.

The various parts of discussion in the research paper will also be indicated. The thesis statement aims to answer the research question. The example of thesis statement can be used as a reference to develop the thesis statement. There are many types of thesis statements including the argumentative, narrative, expository and the analytical types. There are example of thesis statement which is in the form of question and answers pertaining to the research. The thesis statement must not be confusing and must project the research idea in a precise and concise manner to the reader.

The statement must be specific to the research question. The example of thesis statement indicates that the statement can be placed in any part of the first page but most of them include the statement in the last paragraph. The statements can be fully made of questions only and this will give an idea to the reader that the research will attempt to answer these questions. The statement can also be expressed in a general sentence format explaining the idea of the research.

A maximum of 6 to 8 sentences can be used for thesis statement. The example of thesis statement reveals that the statement must be around 100 words. The research guide will review the statement and approve the statement if it is found satisfactory. Research works are sponsored to a great extent by the educational institutions and the investors. The popular educational institutions will have various formats of thesis and the research students in these institutions will follow this method of writing the thesis. The research documentation is done according to MLA or APA or Harvard or other referencing styles followed by the University. The research students will seek the aid of the writers to complete their dissertation within the dead line. The research guides will make a periodic review of the research work and record the progress of the research work in their dairies to give the marks finally during the project presentation.